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Private Consultation:

I provide private consultation and private surgical treatment at Ludlow Private Unit, based at Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital, Gobowen. My private consultations are usually on Monday evenings and private surgical treatment on Wednesday evenings. However if for travel reasons one cannot attend an evening clinic, other times could be accommodated provided my NHS commitments allow this.

Consultation and Consultation Fees:

Generally speaking new Consultations are scheduled every 30 mins and Follow on Consultations are for 15 mins. It may be a little shorter or longer depending on the situation and may be necessary to re-attend a second visit in complex scenarios to adhere to the time schedule.

My consultation fees are in line with BUPA approved fees. There is however a huge variation between insurers as to how much of this will be reimbursed. This also depends on the type of cover you have with them. Please obtain the exact figure by enquiring with my secretary and verifying with your insurer before booking appointment. Please have your authorisation code from your insurer at the time of consultation and a means of guaranteeing a payment for your consultation or for the shortfall by your insurer.

Surgery and Surgical Fees:

For the insured patients I follow BUPA approved fee structure, as again there is a huge variation in what your insurer will reimburse, please check with your insurer with appropriate surgical procedure codes and please be aware of any shortfall you need to cover yourselves depending on the type of cover you have or the insurer you are with.

For self paying patients, hospital provides a 'Fixed Cost Service', this is administered by the hospital, and it includes hospital fees, implant fees, anaesthetic fees and surgical fees. Surgical fees are roughly 13-14% of the total package and also include your first post operative clinic visit and management of any complications in the first 30 days. It does not include your initial consultation fees. 

In case of a hip or knee replacement, it is advisable that you have One year check with examination and x-ray to ensure that the implants have bonded well. Not all insurers will cover this, and in case of self pay surgery, this is outside the fixed cost package. 

Self pay Patients:

A private consultation is for an opinion and discussion on management of the condition identified. If you choose or wish to be transferred to NHS for further management, this is possible. However, this transfer is subject to authorisation by your health commissioners and the rules vary. Although the transfer can be facilitated through my secretary, it may require a new GP letter and may still need to to go through intermediary service such as SOOS/CMAT or the one in your local area. For the North Wales patients, please note the commissioners are very stringent for transfer across the border to England as RJAH is in England and usually only allow transfers for complex surgeries across.

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