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Complications following joint replacement can be devastating to the patient and expensive to treat. Much of my research work is in the field of prectable surgery or predictable outcome following surgery. This is done though surgical innovation, rapid rehabilitation, enhanced wound healing therefore early return to function. In the last 5 years we have shown from our studies that;


Wound healing can be improved by utilising Negative Pressure Wound Therapy in primary hip and knee replacements. It not only enhances wound healing and therefore facilitates early but safe discharge of patients, it also minimises post discharge compliactions. This study now published and we won a clinical award for the study by Journal of wound care and more recently by the NIHR.


We have also shown from our studies that early INR (measure of blood thinning) stabilisation can be facilitated by following double dose protocol and daily INR regimen. This is now published.


We are currently in the process of evaluating antibiotic coated hip replacements to study the impact of this on post surgical infection. A safety study, completed and being submitted for publication.


My National Joint registry figures as stated before show that my clinical results are above average. This is largely because of close association with research and self analysis, audit and reflection of work, some of our research is industry supported.

  • Exactech UK – For Logic knee replacement, I remain a Principal Investigator for both data collection on outcome as well for surgeon visitation. Our work and data collection in this area has helped the company to achieve required ODEP rating for the knee.

  • We are now a reference centre for PICO negative pressure wound therapy in incisional wounds. Our work in application of NPWT in prevention of wound complication and infection is considered as pioneering work in the field of primary hip and knee replacement and has won multiple awards. As a result of this we have had several company funded research to which I have been Principle and Chief Investigator.

  • I provide consultancy services to Exactech Inc in designing and developing instrumentation for knee replacement. I am one of the 4 design team surgeons in develpoing knee instrumentation to improve predictable outcome, which has won multiple awards in the United States, the instrumentation and the new knee is yet to be released for general use in the UK.

We have successfully rolled out a 'Arthroplasty Fellowship Programme' for fellow training and have a regular fellow trainee to facilitate well trained younger generation of surgeons.


I stepped down after being a Clinical Director for 4 years at the end of 2016. This was a role I undertook in additon to my full time clinical commitment.


Since stepping down I have worked towards improving my research profile, I have now been appointed as a Honorary Senior Lecturer for the Keele University. The role involves developing research activities at both RJAH and affilited research activities with Keele University. I have been CI and PI to 2 studies and more recently a CI for another study.


I was appointed to a postion of regional Clinical Co-ordinator for National Joint Registry for the West Midlands Region in 2017. The role involves representing National Joint Registry in supporting Regional Co-ordinators and advising  NJR leads fo the hospitals on data collection, quality  and managing outlier surgeons.


I am a recognised and appointed inspector for the CQC, this is a role I am yet to actively part take due to time and requirement for time away from work.


I was asked to represent NICE as an independent clinical advisor in advising adoption of PICO negative pressure wound therapy dressings as a prophylaxis for high risk incisional wounds. which is now been adopted and recommended by NICE.


More recently I was appointed to NICE's 'Adoption and Impact Reference Panel'  as a member.


I have several publications in the field of my interest. I am a regularly invited to facilitate talks and teachings as a faculty at national and international meeting as represented in my CV.

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